A child’s hat

If you want to get beyond a scarf and think a jumper is too much of a challenge, try to knit a hat. It is all about the decreasing, which is just successively knitting two switches together according to the pattern and so much easier than increasing. I had some spare Sirdar Snuggly Soft Strawberry Mousse yarn from the pink jumper, and this hat only needs a 50g ball.


I knitted this hat for my daughter, who was very impressed that I was able to produce something other than a scarf. This pattern is from Knitty Gritty: Knitting for the Absolute Beginner by Aneeta Patel (Bloomsbury). You start with a k1, p1 rib and then knit garter stitch (knit all rows), decreasing until you reach the top. Garter stitch is less smooth than stocking stitch but it tends to lie flatter and does not curl at the edges.


Once you’ve knitted all the way to the top, you sew the seam together with a darning or embroidery needle.


After sewing the seam, it gathers together naturally at the top. This pattern worked out the same size as I intended, so I had got the tension right. However I think, like the jumper, the rib ended up looking too loose, so I would use a smaller needle next time.


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